1868 01 30 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Middlesbro’ and Stockton Gazette 30/01/1868


            The monthly meeting of the Redcar Local Board of Health was held on Monday (26/01) afternoon. Present: Messrs E. W. Lennard (Chairman), H. Moore, Lawrence Thompson, J. Cowl, T. Blatherwick, and Whitaker. Minutes of the last monthly meeting, other special meeting on January 16th, were read out and confirmed.


            A number of accounts, amounting in the aggregate to £129.5s.8d, were submitted and ordered to be paid. Mr Moore said he thought the time had now arrived when the Board should curtail its expenses. Most of the money that the Board had now been voting away was owing to Mr Crabtree commencing new work without first procuring their sanction. He had now laid an entirely new drain without consulting the Board and he (Mr Moore) was told that Mr Crabtree said that a member of the board told him to go on with it, and to spend the money in hand as quickly as possible, and not to keep it in the bank. (Name) He did not know the members’ name, or he would have mentioned it; and he intended to bring the matter forward again at the next meeting, when more members were present. If the Surveyor did persist in doing this the only thing for the Bought to do would be to stop the checks for the things he procured wood without orders. Mr Cowl moved and Mr Thompson seconded, that the accounts be passed. Carried. The Surveyor said he did not think, when doing what Mr Moore alluded to, that he was commencing new work. He was only finishing work that had for sometime been begun. It was finished now, and there were a few bricks left, which he intended to substitute for broken ones where repairs were needed. He had never been told by a member of the Board to spend money, as stated by Mr Moore, therefore no name could be given. The work the Board now hat in hand was the laying of water pipes in Wilton Street, which would be finished this week, and the laying the metal pipes at the sewer outlet. This last named work was delayed by casting which had not yet been received from Messrs Cochrane, Groves, and Co. When these things were finished he intended to reduce the staff of the workmen, as hinted by Mr Moore.


            The Clerk said the amount in the bank that day to the credit of the Board was £134.03s.11d; the Surveyor said that the arrears on the Special District Rate amounted to £14. 11s. 11d; and on the General District Rate, £92.1s.2d, and a year’s Water Rate not yet collected to about £120; tall to collect £226. 13s.1d. A statement of rates, etc, collected during the past year, was also read by the Surveyor, as follows. Collected on Special District Rate, £209.12s.3d; General District Rate (unreadable), private improvements £21.2s.3d; Water Rate, £81.13s.8d; Streets, £4.3s.2d; total collected, £751.14s.4d. The list of persons who would not paid their rates were not completed, so it was agreed to hold a special meeting last night (29/01) Friday, to examine the list, and make orders thereon.


            The chairman next reported that the committee appointed to wait upon the property owners of the Upleatham portion of the district had met some of the parties concerned, but they refused to make any terms with committee. A letter signed by Mr Richard Pick, had been forwarded, however, through the Sea Wall Committee, in which the owners of property on the north side of high Street offered to pay an annual rate of three pence in the pound in half yearly installments, which, by a statement of valuation enclosed, would produce £2.13s.6d, but upon the present rateable value the amount yielded would be £3.7s.11 1/2d. Mr Cowl added that, of the owners upon the South side, not one would agree to pay. The Chairman said he thought the letter of Mr Pick a very liberal offer. Mr Cowl did not think it was very liberal, and not to go forth from the board that it was. Mr Blatherwick considered that when the seawall was made the value of the property upon the Southside would be improved, and he recommended the Board not to make any terms with the owners as yet. Mr Whitaker proposed that the offer signed by Mr R. Pick the accepted, providing the rate be collected upon the basis of the polar rate for the time being, Mr Moore seconded. The Clerk suggested that an agreement be prepared for the parties interested to sign. Esther Blatherwick said that this was the worst thing that could be done, as the parties would pay without. If the bond was presented to them they would not sign, expecting that it was a trick to bind them to more than the three pence in the pound. Mr Cowl: if they will not give us any security we must take action another way. Mr Whitaker did not think there would be any guarantee without there was an agreement; it was only to secure what had been offered. The Clerk advised the Board to agreement Mr Cowl was almost certain that some of the parties would not say anything without it. It was then proposed by Mr Cowl, seconded by Mr Thompson, and carried that the Clerk write to Mr Pick, and if the property owners agreed to the alteration proposed by the Board that the agreement be prepared to be signed by them.


            Plans for alterations of a house in Granville Terrace, submitted by Mr T. H. Cooke, were passed. Mr Cowl Max moved, according to notice, that the plans of two cottages to be built in Alma Parade, by Mr Westerby, passed on December 1st, 1862, be rescinded, seconded by Mr Whitaker and carried. Plans for a shock to be built upon half of the last name site by Mr Westerby were approved. On the motion of Mr Cowl, seconded by Mr Moore, the minutes and plans were sealed, and the meeting was closed..


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