FISHERMEN – Nuisance caused by

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette. 08/07/1870


     On the Redcar Board meeting a discussion followed as to the placing of the cobles on the Promenade, and Dr. Bennett complained of the nuisance caused below the Royal Hotel by refuse fish – Mr Johnson stated that Lord Zetland, nine months ago, promised to apportion ground at the east end as a standage for the cobles, if they (the fishermen) would be at the trouble to take them there. He would fence it round too.

     The Chairman thought that from what Mr. Johnson said they were too idle to do so. They (the board) had no objection in winter to their protecting their property by placing it on the sea wall, but it was not right that they should obstruct it now in the summer time. Mr. Cowl didn’t think that it was the Board‘s duty to find places for these boats. The Chairman remarked that in many watering places the authorities provided a tub into which all refuse was discharged, and it was emptied every day.

     Mr. Cowl said they had never yet got a man who would remove the garbage for any length of time. He thought that as the fishermen made the nuisance they should remove it. If a man made a nuisance with building he had to remove it himself, and it was a like case with this matter. He would propose “That a bill by printed directing that all persons causing an obstruction on the Promenade, or causing a nuisance with the refuse of fish should be prosecuted.” This was seconded by Mr. Harrison and then carried.


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