LIFEBOAT – House Promenade – The Zetland

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 18//01/1936



   Negotiations have been started for the probable acquisition by the Redcar Corporation of the old lifeboat-house judging by the minutes of the Finance Committee regarding their meeting on December 30th, 1935.
The Town Clerk reported that the Sub-Committee had inspected the old lifeboat-house on the Promenade and recommended

(a) that the leasehold interest of the property be purchased for the sum offered.
(b) that the Town Clerk be instructed to negotiate with the owner to purchase the freehold reversion of the property.

The Finance Committee thereupon resolved that the Town Clerk be instructed to approach the owner of the reversion and ascertain the cost of purchasing the freehold reversion of the property for such use or uses as the Council may deem advisable, and report to the Committee, and that in the meantime the consideration of the Sub-Committee’s report be deferred.


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