BUILDING – South Gare, Powder Jetty.

Location South Gare Paddy’s Hole.

We have decided to leave this information on the board as it was written.

“I have made extensive enquiries with contacts re. powder jetty and have come up trumps. Bill got in touch with Lennie Oliver who is in his 80’s and used to work on the part of the river. He said that his grandfather who was born in 1840 also used to work on the river, and he used to tell him of the sailing ships that used to come to this jetty to unload the black powder, in the 19th century. Well before the 1st world war. If you look at the photo there are boulders and rocks piled up, this apparently was just in case the powder went up, to act as a buffer. I suppose the powder was used in the iron ore mines in Eston hills as the ore is very hard not like coal, and the iron works”. 

 Many thanks to L Oliver and B Troup & B. Ross


dean February 5, 2010 Buildings