REDCAR BEACH – Annoyance to sea bathers.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea News 09/09/1875


            The enjoyment of sea bathing is one of the leading features to induce the majority of visitors to leave home for am quiet repose from the turmoil of business life. It therefore behoves our local authorities to enforce cleanliness and general order in the town, and to make every necessary preparation for the reception and comfort of those from whom we derive so much of our annual revenue.

The part on Redcar sands set aside for the bathing machines is very limited, and it requires great vigilance on the part of our authorities to keep that sacred for the comfort of those who desire to enjoy a refreshing and invigorating dip in the restless water.

Some time ago our vigilant Surveyor (Mr Bookless) wisely laid down a plan for the arrangement of both the bathing machines and the boats, and fixed their positions – this did not meet the views of the boatmen, who have considered that they should have been consulted in the matter, and therefore set all orders at defiance, and have, during the present season not only broke the rules of the local authority, but also the laws of common decency.

Now, our Surveyor is not a myth to be played with – he has brooked the insults offered him, and attempted to calm down the outraged dignity of our boatmen, but like enraged tigers they have been “eager for the fray.” Mr Bookless has at length shown his teeth, and the Bench must now decide as to who shall “rule the roast” on Redcar sands.

Two of the boatmen have been summoned for a breach of the bathing bye-law, and no doubt the offenders will find to their cost that it is an expensive combat which they have foul-hardy run themselves.


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