REDCAR – Whit Monday 100,000 People Flock to Seaside

Accreditation The Standard 06/06/1936


100,000 People Flock to Sea-side

   Practically every corner of the British Isles was represented over the holiday wee-end. From North, South, East and West visitors came in their thousands and business people here have enjoyed a “bumper week-end. The weather was ideal warm but not too stuffy – it was a record Bank Holiday for Redcar. The invaders began early Saturday morning and has continued through the weekend.

   Railway figures for the week-end show a total of over 50,000. On Monday, 20,000 travelled by rail alone and the traffic was exceptionally heavy.
“In my estimation, about 100,000 people came to Redcar on Monday,” states Mr. J Vickers, Redcar’s Publicity Manager. “I have never seen Redcar so crowded.”
Day trips to Redcar made records for Redcar cafe people. Snack bars on the front did a roaring trade, boatmen and shop keepers all worked overtime.
Thousands of bathers took to the sea but indoor bathing at Redcar baths was very popular. The indoor pool seemed more popular than the one outside, although 654 bathers visited the open-air pool on Monday. Indoor figures for Monday totalled 1,341.
Officials at the Golf links were kept busy with sporting people.


   Saltburn and Marske had the busiest period of the season. The Redcar illuminations were well received by visitors and the general opinion was that they had improved immensely on past displays. The Coatham Enclosure appears a veritable fairyland at night, and the illuminations have increased the patronage of the boaters on the lake.
The green buffet train which has made daily trips between Bradford and Saltburn has attracted the indifferent type of holiday tripper to Cleveland, because of the novelty in the train. In order to have a journey on the buffet, trippers who have never been here before have paid visits. Extra staff were needed at the Railway Station to cope with the constant stream of passengers.
Redcar Corporation sold out on Monday. Six thousand deck chairs were hired, and 600 tents and thousands of would be hirers were disappointed.
Soldiers from the Coast Road camps were very much in evidence and have behaved themselves well.
The New Pavilion was transformed into an inquiry bureau, the result of a suggestion by Mr. J. Vickers, and the bureau has been kept busy finding accommodation. Over a hundred inquiries were received over the week-end.
Although the weather has been warm, Redcar’s new success the “Regent” has received good patronage and ‘Smile a While’ was also well supported throughout the week.
On the whole it has been a well-behaved week-end, though a very busy one, the holiday spirit has been much in evidence and the police and other officials have few complaints to make.



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