PEAT – Smelting Fuel

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 24/12/1874


     Mr R.K. Aitchison, of Redcar, has taken out a patent for a new smelting fuel, in which peat is the principal ingredient. His object is to eliminate the sulphur and phosphorus from the ironstone in the process of smelting, and for this purpose he introduces into the masticated peat, previous to compression, nine per cent of sodium and chloride of calcium, also charcoal. The very best coke contains on per cent of sulphur, and thereby adds fuel to the evil existing in the iron; peat does not possess this undesirable quality, being free from phosphorus and sulphur, and is consequently a carboniser in conjunction with metal. Should Mr Aitchison’s theory prove correct, and the diminution of phosphorus be effected by the fuel, it must inevitably become a great boon to iron manufacturers.


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